UNIKO is a company engaged in dosing and weighing systems, packaging equipment, especially for agro-industry products. Our range also includes lines for peeling potatoes. Another important area is mass production of customized products made from sheet metal, including stainless steel sheets. Manufacturing technology includes finishing with both powder and wet painting.

Targeted motto of the company is the compliance with the standard quality of all products, great value supplied packaging technology with minimum impact to operating costs of the users. Provision of integrated services in project preparation, final reports of individual and group arrangement of packaging lines by direct communication with clients.

Profit of the company is 90% based on the export of machinery. Target countries are countries of the European Union and former Eastern Bloc countries. In countries where the UNIKO company is represented (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania), provide to their machines and fast service and advice. [Read more]

Why Choose Us

  • Operational maintenance services.
  • Minimizing the direct costs custom and mass production.
  • Targeted production of mass products for demanding international clients.
  • Strict compliance with the agreed delivery dates.
  • Continuous monitoring of the latest technological trends at home and abroad.
  • Regular visits to the major industry trade fairs.

Weighing equipment V7A - 8

Kombinační váha typ V7A - 8A combination weighing equipment may be applied separately or included into a packaging line for potatoes, onions, small goods such as seeds, dried fruits, baby onions etc. Device can place on an elevated platform above the packing machine. [Read more]