Continual potatoes peeling device type SK 1

The device is made of stainless steel parts. Device works independently or included in a technological line.

Into inlet flow supply selected washed potatoes. Potatoes are transferred by force of screw conveyor through the scraping rolls to the output chute. At the bottom part of the peeling device is placed tank ensures removal of starch from the work area to the waste facility, where it is disposed. In the peeling process is potatoes continuously showering. The whole peeling process is controlled by changing the speed of the screw conveyr and scraping rolls.

Technical parametres

Power supply 3x230/400V/50Hz
Supply 3,3 kW
Potential capacity to 2000kg / hour
Efficiency to 84%
Maximal noise 79 dB
Dimensions 1900x3100x900mm
Total weight 700 kg


Continual potatoes peeling device type SK 1