Custom products and mass production of sheet metal (stainless steel including) are a main program of the company.

Available advanced manufacturing technologies are supported by strong technical background including computer systems of documentation. Direc CNC technology programming. System management and monitoring of contracts. Work in proces (WIP), finished goods invertory, orders, basic materials ordering, to final goods shipment and invoicing.


Mass production is intended primarily for export

Production technology

  • TRUMPF punching CNC technolody
  • CNC press bending technology
  • Continual deburring technology
  • CLOOS welding robot
  • MIG, MAG, TIG welding
  • Spot welding technology
  • Raw materials cutting by saw machines, drop scissors technology
  • Machining of small parts by classical technology
  • Hydraulic and eccentric press technology
  • Surface protection coating
    • wet process
    • powder technology


In co-operation are provided selected surface protection by zinc, nickel, chrome plating, blackening. Castings, special moldings, burnouts.

Product references

  • Complete covers and cabins of automatich machines
  • Technology cover of diesel particular filters
  • Special containers for confidential documents
  • Switchboards for lifts
  • Telecommunications cabinets
  • Hanging boxes urban amenities
  • Safe deposit boxes